Testing the Internet of Things

Key software challenges when dealing with Internet of Things (IoT) based products.


Unified Embedded Systems Development

Making a phone call, driving a car, watching a movie, wearing a smart device, exploring the deepest oceans or vastness of space, everything we do is facilitated or enhanced by software code. The demand for more sophisticated features and applications will continue to fuel the market.  The never-ending drive to increase the functionality of electro-mechanical products is delivered by the development of higher functioning software.  

The challenges for embedded development teams and device manufacturers is to provide as much functionality as possible in new and differentiated products, while still meeting aggressive demands on price, size, performance, and time to market.  

Our products are specifically designed to address our customers' business needs where embedded software is a ubiquitous component of day-to-day life.  We help our customers automate systems engineering and develop quality embedded software with the industry's highest efficiency and ROI. 

Embedded software medical device applications managed include:

  • Blood Gas Analyzer & Monitors
  • Cardio Machines
  • Defibrillators
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Electrocardiogram Devices
  • Exoskeleton Devices
  • Infusion & Insulin Pumps
  • Glucose Meters & Portable Meters and Oximeters
  • Patient vital signs detection monitoring


Connected smart devices are growing in complexity—and are everywhere. Fifty billion connected devices are expected by 2020.

Utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP), embedded dev teams are bringing exciting new features and services to devices.  Evolving security standards for these IoT enabled devices increases the regulatory or industry mandated compliance specifications.  Polarion has the expertise and solutions to help manage these critical compliance specifications over throughout the product lifecycle.  Polarion is the only ALM vendor to be certified by TUV and PWC, and successfully passed countless FDA, FAA, and DoD audits. 

Polarion Software is a standardized, proven software platform.  With over ten years of experience focused on mechatronics industries, systems engineering, and embedded systems, Polarion understands that the approaches to verification, debugging, optimization, validation are different for each embedded system. The degree of quality, security, safety requirements mandated is much greater for the embedded development teams.  Polarion customers like Wind River, Intel, Autodesk, Siemens, GE, and Cypress Semiconductor and thousands more select Polarion products for their flexibility, adaptability, extensibility, reliability, and scalability in the most demanding environments.

  • FAA DO-178B Level A-certified avionics controlling passenger and military jets
  • FDA Class III life-critical medical devices
  • ISO 26262 SIL3-certified industrial control systems
  • Automotive, consumer, networking, and many other reliability-critical systems

In the fast paced competitive world of embedded systems, the most reliable products in the market command a premium over less reliable products with identical performance and functionality. More importantly, as the market for a product ages, prices decline, highlighting the importance why being early to market is so critical. 

Embedded development costs are the result of: time to market, cost per dev team member, and number of dev team members. Development cost is directly proportional to time to market. The most effective way to lower your development cost is to reduce your time to market.

Polarion’s unified data shared ubiquitously helps facilitate collaboration.  Increased collaboration is proven to increase product functionality, quality, and streamlines time to market. Your customers will pay a premium for functionality, and quality that you deliver to them on time, and you will reduce your development costs.  More importantly they will provide repeat orders and business due to your demonstrated reliability. 

  • By using Polarion’s unified ALM we slash your operating costs by eliminating the costs associated with the many point solutions that are replaced, and we eliminate the IT costs supporting fragile IT integrations between these point solution data silos.
  • By using Polarion’s unified ALM your users have one user interface to learn and use, as opposed to more than a dozen legacy interfaces that are replaced. This decreases your development time.
  • Polarion is an easy to use and learn browser based app with > 2500 customers organizations with a large community of global users, you minimize your costs for training and hiring.
  • The collaboration features, combined with the unified user interface means that less dev team member can do more, this allows you opportunity to shrink your dev teams or expand the tasks assigned.
  • Many industries have common specifications, standards, and requirements. It is more efficient and less costly for you to use the Polarion pre-packaged template solutions for common problems rather than create your own from scratch
  • Real-time collaboration with intuitive authoring and linking to quickly identify defects, determine impact, and resolve in the most complex systems
  • Comprehensive end-to-end traceability from requirements to code, testing, verification and validation
  • Get up and running quickly with customizable, pre-built best-practice workflows, cross-discipline reports, and metrics to manage the full product lifecycle, while accelerating time to market with enforced compliance with your project's operating procedures
  • Predictive analysis, FMEA risk management and lifecycle project management
  • Use your own existing processes or the ramp fast using expert templates provided for Agile, Waterfall, V-Model, ISO/IEC, FDA, FAA, and hundreds more
  • Model-based development with Polarion’s unique wizard based UML builder and integrations with Matlab Simulink, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, or Rhapsody
  • Requirements driven development allows you to reverse engineer existing products with Polarion’s time machine to reuse and manage assets, versions, and variant
  • Managing requirements, code, test cases, work items of any kind for product variants
  • Track, Trace, or Link any kind of work items one-to-one or one-to-many across infinite levels and infinite products or projects - to share, collaborate, and review with your team
  • Polarion has a compelling and easy to learn and use UI, and unique LiveDoc technology that drives adoption and rapidly helps make your embedded development team productive.  Within days, Polarion customers are customizing their user interface and molding the Polarion product to fit their operating procedures
  • Extensive global support including assigned technical account reps who are familiar with you and your business.


Learn More About Polarion for Embedded Systems

We have an unwavering commitment to help organizations unlock synergies across complex development environments for applications and embedded systems. Our solutions provide the underpinnings to accelerate collaboration, integrity and innovation, so our customers can focus on solving important problems for their clients.

  • Integrations with the widest range of IDEs from Eclipse, Microsoft, Wind River
  • Integrations with the widest range of testing tools from Roguewave, HP, Parasoft, Vector, LDRA
  • Integrations with the widest range of version control tools from Git, SVN, Perforce,
  • Integrations with the widest range of PLM systems from Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle Agile, SAP

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