Customer Testimonials

On this page we have gathered what some of our customers have to say about Polarion's Requirements Management, Application Lifecycle Management and Test Management software solutions as well as our services.


Andreas Deuter


Our business unit chose Polarion to unify a disconnected, heterogeneous tool landscape - including PVCS, Bugzilla, OneTree and DOORS. Convincers for us were fast installation and implementation, easy to work with day-to-day, and especially flexibility. We now use it for all significant specification, QA and test plan documents."
Traceability from the cradle to the grave is the key to quality in our development of mobile payment applications and payment card production. Polarion serves us this tracking ability and gives us high flexibility, comprehensive reports and good office integration on top. This enables us at the DSV to live our workflow." Nikolas Gehbauer ,Deutscher Sparkassenverlag
Previously in Sandvik Mining we had three different tools in use for our project management. Now with Polarion we have a tool that supports our way of working and gives good visibility to our project status. Polarion is a tool that gives good traceability between the different work items and we really can see the project status easily." Petri Hakomaki ,Sandvik Mining
For the creation of our requirement documents we selected Polarion in May 2013. From this tool we expect us a higher quality in our specification documents and also in our later product development. Despite the fact we have to change our way of working we see already an improvement in the collaboration between our teams all over the world." Bernhard Doleschel ,Lantiq
It's been 4 years since we started using Polarion in our software project, and I am thrilled by the steady evolution and improvements, and how we have been able to evolve our own workflows as a result. A big advantage of Polarion is its open platform that allows tailoring it to your own processes quite easily." Sebastian Bejga ,T-Systems International

Guido Majewskia

T-System International

The flexibility to define your software development process, the possibility to customize Polarion to your needs is actually unreached in the market of ALM tools."
Using Polarion solutions, we are better able to handle the product development process end-to-end, including all documents needed in our complex and cross-linked development systems. Major benefits for us include the automated traceability, impact analysis and suspect link traces fully unified with change and version management. The biggest benefit for WaveLight is the ease of reuse (of artifacts such as Requirements) across different projects." Werner Motzet ,WaveLight
We at T-Systems have used Polarion for over 6 years in more than 80 development projects involving hundreds of employees. During that time we have updated to new Polarion versions multiple times, and the prospect of updating no longer makes us nervous. The next update is scheduled for November, and the experience of past migrations lets us approach it feeling relaxed. All tests so far are successful, and we fully expect our system will serve its purpose just as well after the update and before, plus we will be able to take advantage of new Polarion features." Dr. Markus Liebelt ,T-Systems International
Polarion just makes me sleep better as I get all important project information in one click." Thomas Krist ,esolutions
I am working for more than 20 years in automotive electronic development. With Polarion it is the first time that the entire spectrum of development activities are covered by one tool. Thus a closer collaboration between software, hardware, mechanical, project management, test and requirements management which improves the product quality and saves time and money." Rainer Kirchner ,ASK Industries
With the advent of ISO 26262, we were forced to use new tools for requirements engineering and the whole software development process. With Polarion we found a solution that not only fulfills these requirements, but that is also intuitive and easy to use." Stefan Schorer ,Gigatronik
Polarion moved our development unit to a new level. It enables us to fulfill all of our regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. The extensibility of the tool without losing its main idea is very impressive. Polarion provides a platform to collaborate with all our stakeholders in a very efficient and transparent way." Lars Wischnewki ,Innomedic
Polarion drastically improved the collaboration of stakeholders by tearing down the walls between organizational units and encouraging them to participate in a comprehensive product development approach." Jörn Tiedjen ,LMT Lammers Medical Technology
Requirements and test cases can be written in a document view and managed like in a database. Test case execution by using test runs makes traceability to requirements easy. All data can be queried via Wiki pages and visualized. Overall, the web-based tool Polarion is our solution for development according to IEC 61508." Andreas Gersbacher ,MESCO Engineering
Polarion drives your process with its really great flexibility in process configuration, and guiding your users in the Polarion Wikis. Well done!" Guido Majewski ,T-Systems International
Wiki pages in Polarion offer the possibility to filter information from an endless pool of collected data. Through these Wiki pages, any collected information can be made available easily in a tailored way adjusted for the needs of different users, thus making the information in the tool more useful." Markus Bosler ,Atmel
Polarion is a good adaptable development solution, not only for software but for all types of products. The usage for the developers improved significantly over the years and administration is easy and not consulting-intensive, which leads to a constant improvement of business support." Bernhard Brand ,em-tec
Since we use Polarion REQUIREMENTS at SOFTPRO, we are able to plan software testing efficiently. In addition, test planning becomes more transparent." Bernd Heinrich , SOFTPRO
Polarion is a highly versatile ALM solution which is equally well suited for the consumer electronics and automotive technical world. Nowadays, we value the continuously dynamic development of Polarion products and the company behind them." Norman Rother ,Technisat Digital
Without Polarion we would have to stick to and live with our documents, requirements and release chaos." René von Schagen ,Bofrost Dienstleistungen
Polarion’s ISO 26262 qualification will save us a great deal of effort and cost in our own qualification process. We leverage Polarion’s ALM solution across our complete development lifecycle for requirements tracking, release packaging, test results, and full traceability coverage for vehicle hazards ISO 26262." Maria Eugenia Zuniga ,Quantum Technologies
On the one hand we use Polarion to describe the requirements for our product platform consistently, and on the other hand we use it to manage our agile projects. Both approaches work well, and it’s fun." Huso Hasanovic ,KEBA
Polarion really conquered all our business fields and now represents the heart of our company and business processes." Mario Götz ,Innomedic
Polarion is a great tool for the system admins. Easy setup, easy update, short downtime. I was also very impressed by Polarion's support. The speed to fix occurring problems is great." Dieter Todenhagen ,SOFTPRO
Thank you Polarion. Now we are able to have a web-based look on the data we need to create professional software solutions. Before Polarion, every department had their own documents with different types and versions." Heiner Bongers ,bofrost Dienstleistungen
Congratulations to Polarion for an excellent tool interface and a fantastic technical support. I implemented the interworking between Polarion ALM and VectorCAST and was impressed by the functionality provided by the web services. Many thanks to your staff members: always friendly, responsive and competent." Ingo Nickles ,Vector Software
Polarion combines flexibility and openness in a unique way and is therefore the perfect tool for project-oriented application lifecycle management" Christian Verch ,ComConsult Kommunikationstechnik
Thanks to Polarion, we can rely on a single platform to collect our data, exchange documents, collaborate, keep traceability, and control our workflow. With Polarion, we can not only measure our productivity but also improve productivity in our projects. And we can keep track of this!" Andreas Deuter ,Senior Manager Business Process and Technology Management ,PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics
Polarion’s recent integrations with MATLAB® Simulink®, Klocwork’s and others show a real deep understanding for their target markets." Michael Azoff ,Principal Analyst ,OVUM
Polarion helps us to describe very complex automation systems. We also made initial test with other ALM tools - unfortunately without success. Cost-benefit ratio - Polarion is the best on the market. Easy to use, traceability and Office Integration are the key features for us." Hugo Hasanovic ,KEBA
Polarion delivers us a fast and stable ALM environment with a very light "customizability". With this tool we collect all the needed information for our software developers so they can create our customer driven solutions." Oliver Bär ,Kigst
Polarion was intended to replace Bugzilla and allow tracking planned task work items. Now we are on the way to implement Requirement and Test Management Features. All in one repository. Transparent... great!" Bernd Heinrich ,SOFTPRO
Traceability and documentation of requirements is essential for our development. Polarion performs these tasks well and gives us the confidence that we have the best solution on the market for that purpose. Export of documents, which is already used by inexperienced Polarion users, is a key feature." Gerhard Braun ,Elesta relays
The first time I saw the Polarion software was in a live webinar and I was impressed how easy it makes to create requirements, manage changes and keep track on important information. My company uses a test tool that executes test cases automatically and it is amazing how the Polarion software can export its requirements to that tool. This helps creating a well structured test case design. After the tool executes the test cases, the results and reports can easily be imported back into Polarion where they get archived." Friedrich Boss ,Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft (VBG)
We have evaluated several tools available on the market. Polarion 2012 convinced us with a modern GUI, easy usage and a rich set of features out of the box. It has never been so easy to move from Word/Excel to a RE-Tool!" Georg Künz ,Tridonic
With Polarion you got a powerful tool chain to support your whole application lifecycle with its strength to customize it to fit your individual need. And Polarion has a great community!" Sebastian Bejga ,T-Systems International
Initially we used Polarion as a Test Management tool for one of our development projects. Later on, we rolled out Polarion to all our projects for the whole ALM process. The high degree of flexibility, reliability as well as functionality meets exactly our requirements." Tilo Hafenberger ,Hamburg Port Consulting
As an OEM for health care products the ability to configure projects individually for each customer is a major benefit of the web based Polarion application. We use Polarion as the central tool to document the lifecycle of all our medical Software Projects." Thilo Franz ,ITK Engineering
As admin I can say that the installation of Polarion was very simple and the setup is well documented. The user-administration can be kept small & simple but also very deeply in detail for our project. Also the migration from 2011 to 2012 worked very fluently." Gerold Hoider ,KEBA, Linz, Österreich
We are using TOSCA for automated test cases and test management and are looking for a requirement tool to specify our requirements. Because of the good integration of Polarion and TOSCA, Polarion is one of the favorite tools. Due to the fact that we have a lot of users that are used to Microsoft WORD and edit requirements in documents, the solution of Polarion may get the users started at once." Matthias Weinreich ,Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft (VBG)
With Polarion we have a promising solution to satisfy our internal requirements to the whole application lifecycle management - accepted and acknowledged on all levels, from management via sales down to the R&W." Guido Küpper ,DSA
Coming from Requisite Pro and Word/Excel, Polarion lead to significant higher efficiency combined with a higher level of fulfilling regulative requirements. Customers are giving us a lot less fuss and are impressed about the quick release and our systematic approach." Bernhand Brand ,em-tec
With Polarion ALM we have been able to implement our embedded software platform Linux based. Establish a powerful tool to all of our software developers worldwide is now thinkable! Even our hardware developers can use Polarion." F. Guthof ,Sartorius Stedim Systems
Polarion manage the application lifetime in one suite, in a very good way. You can very easily and fast generate your specialized projects. You can integrate a lot of plug-ins and add-ons, import Excel and Word templates. The integration from other systems is supported. The users in our organization have more and more fun to use Polarion for their work." Paul Pubantz ,AWD
We decided on Polarion Software’s Test Management solution for several reasons. The most important driver of our decision was the simple and very fast migration and project implementation plus the unique integration with MS Word and Excel. The continuous traceability, the response of the Polarion team to our use case scenarios, and the excellent price-performance of the solution have also been important." Otto Opietnik ,ITSV
The stakeholders management is quite simple by using the tool. All of them (including customers and subcontractors) feel involved to continuous improvement asking reports, tracing requirements metrics and so on. On the other hand, realizing Dashboard for a single Project/Program provides standard information like EVM Assessment and Forecasting indexes. Special wikies can be realized in order to provide specific KPIs with complex graphs as SLA measurement." Maurizio Borrelli ,Tecnologie nelle Reti e nei Sistemi T.R.S.
Traceability for all the important artifacts in the Software Engineering process right down to the source code. Dashboards & metrics, Wiki-centric project collaboration and efficient change and release management are the key success factors to manage and keep software projects under control. Polarion offers exactly this!" Uwe Grüner ,T-Systems
We chose Polarion Application Lifecycle Management at Phoenix Contact in the Business Unit Automation to consolidate our very heterogeneous tool landscape - PVCS, Bugzilla, OneTree. Polarion is used for the entire development process. It convinced us with its fast installation and implementation, and the ease of use in our day-to-day work. With Polarion we achieved transparency on all levels of development and we got fast acceptance in the teams. We now see exactly and in detail the status and the progress in our projects in the different project phases. Polarion´s flexibility is especially important for us. We defined company and project specific workflows, project and document templates, and also QA plans. We produce all significant documents for specifications, QA and test plans easily and rapidly with Polarion." Andreas Deuter ,Head of Software Department, BU Automation, ,PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics
Developing first-class hearing systems is the result of a close collaboration between developers, testers, domain experts, project leaders and product management. Polarion helps us to improve the information flow between these experts, by allowing us to model the interactions in terms of requirements, tests and bugs. It´s like magic, when we automatically generate the complete documentation set, which summarizes the thousands of small interactions between the experts, in a structured, readable document." Philipp Schneider ,Director Fitting Software ,Phonak
Deutz was looking for a tool which could support us with bug tracking and change management in our SPICE Level 2 certification process in accordance with the V-Model process by "TÜV Rheinland". It was important that the V-Model based process should be easy to configure and implement in the tool. Polarion Application Lifecycle Management covered all these needs and requirements and provided in addition a full "Mechatronic System development" process including software build and release process in one repository. The decision for Polarion brought Deutz forward." Mark Zimmermann ,Deutz
We were looking for a tool to better support our requirement engineers. We found that Polarion can help us in various areas of our development process. First experience is very positive and the customizations we needed were quite simple to implement. In addition the support we received from Polarion consultants was very good." Jürgen Lehre ,Research & Development ,Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland
Polarion turned out to be the ideal tool to address the ALM needs of a midsize company like ours while being affordable compared to the competition. Also, the challenges in our industry with needs for ISO9001, Spice and CMMI process models are ideally supported by Polarion, through its good adaptability providing maximum flexibility for company-specific issues. Last but not least, Polarion (Software) turns out to be a dynamic company, driving the product constantly forward according to customer needs." N.Rother ,Head of DVB R&D-Group ,Technisat Digital
Initially, we were searching for a new test management tool for a big software development project. As the proof of concept with Polarion was very convincing we decided to roll out Polarion ALM in the project for requirements management and project management. After our good experience in this project we introduced Polarion ALM within the whole department, even for consulting services." Dr. Stefan Wiech ,HPC Hamburg Port Consulting
We use Polarion ALM in our product development for Requirements, Test and Release Management. The Polarion product convinced us with its outstanding flexibility to reflect our company-wide development processes. We structured Polarion hierarchically with different relationships, i.e. a version plan for a new product version contains different "implements" and the attached test plans contain the respective test cases which need to be executed. We know now exactly what functions are in each product version implemented and tested.
We also use Polarion to manage the implementation at our customer´s site. Our consultants use customized templates in Polarion which include all the implementation tasks, so they always know the status of the implementation. "Time spent" is tracked with the different tasks in Polarion and is the basis for the project invoicing. Gunter Matella ,Head of Development ,Catenic
We would be lost without Polarion. Polarion helps us in elicitation, prioritization, and continuous tracking of requirements." H.-G. Kraffzick ,dpa
We had first looked for a tool just to handle bug tracking and change management in an efficient way, being prepared for a SPICE maturity level of 3. Polarion was the right tool providing the required functionality. Additionally we appreciated the open interfaces and the various possibilities for customizations and extensions.
Seeing the capabilities of Polarion ALM later during daily work, we are glad to have chosen Polarion." S. Schreiber ,Manager Electronics ,ASK Industries
As a startup company we found with Polarion a flexible tool to support us during the whole development process. By supporting standards and intelligent integration of free tools in Polarion we can start our quality process at the research/evaluation period and continue over the whole software live cycle." ,Dep. Software Development ,SponTech
Like many organizations we measure our development program and report the measures in a weekly fashion. Pre-Polarion this task was manual, tedious and often erroneous. Most of Friday was spent compiling and checking the reports from current projects. With the introduction of Polarion this process has been reduced. Better still it is dynamic and real-time allowing program transparency at all times." Scott Pyke ,CTO ,Global X
The use of Polarion during the DO-178B audit was, simply stated, incredible. The Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Defense Department representative, and the two representatives from the prime contractor (software quality and software engineering) all remarked that Polarion was "impressive". We were able to easily and quickly show that all changes to our software were tracked and reviewed and that our process was followed. The changes were tracked through the use of Issue Record (type) work items; the reviews were documented in Formal Peer Review work items, and the process compliance was documented in Phase Transition Record work items. All of these work items were linked - Issue Records linked to both the Formal Peer Reviews and Phase Transition Records, and Phase Transition Records linked to the reviews as part of the phase transition evidence. Also, the Issue Records were linked to the source code revisions, and we were able to show the changes to a source file matched the description of changes documented in the Issue Records." an Aerospace Manufacturing Customer
The connection between SparxSystems Enterprise Architect and Polarion ALM provides to our customers a unique solution for UML Modelling and model-driven Requirement and Change Management. The Polarion Connector for Enterprise Architect is a great way to extend Enterprise Architect to a full Application Lifecycle Management solution with Polarion - easy and fully integrated." Peter Lieber ,SparxSystems Software - Central Europe
Polarion provides the opportunity to allocate our complex and formal development rules through just one state-of-the-art tool.
The modularity and flexibility make the adjustment to our needs simple and effective. The traceability and workflow features are convincing and really assist the every day activities. At last we accomplished the balancing of workitems and documents.
Special acknowledgment belongs to the Polarion company providing excellent services during the Polarion introduction phase and mastering our special IT requirements." Christian Kettl ,MTU Aero Engines, Representative Ground Systems
Polarion ALM was the sole technical solution we used to achieve CMMI Level 3. Its customizability and easy adoption were the key winning factors." Ing. Paolo Pandozy, MD ,Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Tomorrow's ALM is a platform for the coordination and management of development activities, not a collection of life-cycle tools with locked-in and limited ALM features. These platforms are the result of purposeful design rather than rework following acquisitions." an analyst
Polarion ALM is really a revolutionary product." Elvis Qiao
Communication with Polarion worked from start of the project. The cooperation with each individual employee of Polarion was as if we were in the same team." Peter Sutter ,Swisslog
With Polarion we have been able to implement our worldwide distributed development processes to achieve our quality standards and CMMI compliance." Tim Eick ,Swisslog
In comparison to other systems working with Polarion ALM is a walk in the park." Phillippe Meuli, ,Swisslog
ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions (Optical+Ethernet transmission). Our company is driven by innovation, speed and trust and we seek to work with partners who share our values. Polarion is a good fit. Their people and tools support our fast moving R&D organization very well and help us manage the balancing act between flexibility and effective feature / requirement management." Holger Schäfer ,Senior Engineer R&D Project Management ,ADVA Optical Networking
Polarion helps us collect all artifacts from requirements to test results and bugs in one tool, to reuse them between components and projects, and to formalize the processes. Customer requirements are integrated via DOORS adapter and LiveDocs. Additionally, we use the wiki to present project overviews and metrics via scripting." Friedrich Burgwedel ,ASK Industries
Polarion ALM is our glue which holds our processes together. A very strong combination!" Sebastian Bejga ,T-Systems Interantional
From product concept, system and software requirements down to software-unit implementation. Everything in one single tool, which allows traceability and clarity to project leaders and developers. Polarion is a powerful tool to achieve quality and standards compliance." Dr. Ing. Luciana Großmann ,ITK Engineering
Due to its openness and adaptability Polarion ALM is very flexible in terms of use cases and artifacts. A requirements engineering process far beyond software development can be supported, e.g. RE in product processes for mechatronics." Andreas Edler ,InMediasP
Polarion ALM provides CMMI compliant software development lifecycle management at its best. Moreover, the provided interfaces (SDK, WS Interface) allow users to optimize and automize even complex workflows efficiently." Michael Radlingmaier ,Sony DADC, Austria
We have used Polarion over the last 5 years in a lot of different projects. Polarion allowed us to provide a standard process and reports; projects could adapt that locally. The great support of Polarion helped us to manage all upgrades and transitions seamlessly." Dr. Markus Liebelt ,T-Systems International
An easy software to solve complex projects, to start the implementation quick and go fast to build different structures." Thomas Theuer ,ifm prover
The search capabilities are quite good. Impressive are the full text search results. The user can select his own ways to find the information he is looking for. Just type and find." Klaus Hoerl ,Robert Bosch Healthcare
Most significantly, Polarion has a good, powerful and easy-to-configure core. In addition, a dedicated team of Polarion experts does extend the application with big steps of improvements, including usability - plus you receive great support." Bernhard Brand ,em-tec
With Polarion - you - can even live - your - process." Guido Küpper ,DSA
Using Polarion enabled our development to consolidate task management, project time tracking and versioning from the requirements down to the release!" Dirk Claussen ,SOFTPRO
With Polarion we follow our company slogan ´simply doing more!" Martina Berg ,Institut Straumann
With Polarion we can plan and communicate about requirements, project tasks and tests over all included repositories and companies." Justyna Niewiadomski ,Phonak
If a new user wants to start working with Polarion, I just create a new account and send him/her a link to the server. It´s great that Polarion doesn´t require a client software." Altug Metin ,InMediasP
We need traceability for requirements, defects and test cases. Since we have Polarion – we have it." Michael Krausemann ,Steria Mummert Consulting
We´ve been using Polarion Track & Wiki for a few months, although we´re still onlystarting to make the mostof it. We´re using it for new dev projects as they come through the pipeline. It´s really useful for project source control linking to wiki pages and the web interface is just what we need. We were previously using Serena Tracker & Version Manager (older versions) but those were expensive and frustrating products. So we´re really pleased with it so far!" Pete Nicholson ,IT Systems Architect ,Iron Mountain Europe
Working with Track & Wiki as a beta partner on one of our projects has enabled us to consolidate the application lifecycle from several disparate systems for our client. We´ve seen cost and time reductions around issue and software maintenance through greater visibility and collaboration. For Polarion to bring this together in a single product built from the ground up on subversion technology has further allowed us to mature our design, process and our relationship with the client." Darren Mackay ,Sikkra Pty
Thanks to the excellent support and problem solving skills of our Polarion consultants, our migration from PVCS to Subversion was a real success." David Solbach ,Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products
I am in charge of integrating Zend Studio for Eclipse with SVN. After evaluating several alternatives and talking to developers in the Eclipse open source community, we concluded that Subversive is the most suitable solution for us. During development I had several interactions with the Subversive team which was very responsive in terms of code reviewing the integration work that I´ve done and approving it to be robust and scalable for possible future changes on their side. After deploying the SVN integration within Zend Studio For Eclipse we received many great feedbacks from customers. Of course we received bug reports as well and they were handled in a very short time by the Subversive team and we were very impressed with it." Yaron Mazor ,Developer ,Zend Technologies
With Polarion Software we have found an excellent subversion service partner. Polarion helped us not only to train our whole development team but also supported us during migration of more than 200 repositories from cvs to svn." Georg Chudalla ,FIDUCIA IT
We are actually very satisfied with the subversion services as we gained some unexpected insights which have been, and continue to be enormously helpful." Manfred Hanenkamp ,THALES Defence Deutschland
I want to thank you for the excellent training and insights we have gained about subversion" Kai Mysliwie ,ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion
Polarion is all that I hoped it would be!" Edward Ianuzi ,Decision Lens