Author Test Cases and Test Specifications

Polarion E-Learning and Web Based Trainings

Recommended for Testers and QA Managers

This training will give you a detailed overview on how to use Polarion QA in your daily work in the QA department. You will learn how tests can be tracked, managed, planned and executed in Polarion. Practical exercises will demonstrate how test cases can be organized into bigger test scenarios (test runs) based on custom criteria and how testers can execute test cases and report defects in case of failure.

Please contact if you cannot participate at the given dates. We will contact you regarding alternatives

Price: 199,- € / 249,- US$ (including VAT)

Course language: English or German

Author Test Cases and Test Specifications

In this module you will learn how Polarion can help you to manage your QA activities. You will experience how test cases can be created, edited and reviewed using Polarion documents.


  • Create, manage and organize test cases in LiveDocs
  • Import test cases from MS Excel
  • Collaborate using MS Excel Round trip

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