Polarion ALM Roll-out Package

You have decided to use Polarion ALM as the solution of your choice. Congratulations - with Polarion you will be able to manage your projects and products in a professional and controlled way.

The roll-out package establishes a solid basis for your company. It contains everything your team needs to successfully build-up, maintain and improve a running Polarion system reflecting your way of working.

In following four phases you will setup, configure and establish Polarion inside your company.

  1. Setup
  2. Core Team Training (including electronic training materials and up to 8 hours offline work)
  3. Configuration and Customization
  4. Customize End User Training Materials


Polarion Setup – 1 day

Installation and configuration of Polarion conforming to your organization’s IT-Infrastructure. Coaching of the system administrator on backup, maintenance and setup of a Polarion system.

Polarion Core Professional Training – 3 days

The objective of this training is to provide your team with a sound understanding of how Polarion works and how it can be customized to fulfill your process goals. It is a combination of Polarion User Training and Polarion Power User Training (QA + Requirements) incorporating initial approaches towards Polarion customization with respect to your processes. You will receive all training materials for later internal reuse in electronic form.

Polarion Process Coaching and Implementation – 8 days

Your consultant will help and guide your team to configure your processes in Polarion. Together you will define, review and implement an initial Polarion configuration reflecting your way of working. .

Offline Work – 1 day

The package also includes up to 8 hours of offline support by your consultant in which he stands by for your questions and ideas throughout the roll-out. You can use the consultant´s offline working time to create scripts/extension, answer your questions or discuss roll-out related issues.

Customized End User Training Materials – 2 days

Once you have defined and setup Polarion you are ready to roll-out your solution to a broader audience. Based on experiences gathered during the preceding phases the training materials will be further adapted to reflect your needs. A customized end user training will be created to ensure that everybody inside your team learns how to use Polarion according to your processes and based on your configuration, while concentrating on scenarios relevant to your business.

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