Free Subversion Tool – WebClient for SVN

If you use Subversion (or plan to), you may want to provide your users the option to work with Subversion over the web. WebClient for SVN, one of several free Subversion tools from Polarion Software, is a handy SVN client that enables Subversion users to work with SVN repositories using a web browser.

When installed on your Subversion server, this free SVN web client provides a convenient way to browse a Subversion repository (content and history), plus perform simple SVN write operations. WebClient for SVN can connect to any Subversion repository that provides HTTP access (Subversion 1.1 and higher is supported).

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Web-based Subversion with performance and usability

Our developers have tuned our Subversion web client for performance, stability and usability because it is the same client we use for repository management in our. Top features include:

  • Browse Subversion repository folders and files
  • Browse and compare revisions of SVN folders and files
  • View revision details and compare SVN revisions
  • Create/delete/modify files in a Subversion repository
  • Create/delete SVN repository folders
  • Easy browsing of SVN branches/tags
  • 100% Pure Java*trade; implementation of the SVN access layer (using the JavaSVN library)
  • Multi-repository support


WebClient for SVN is a platform-independent pure Java™ Subversion solution, implemented in JSP/Java. To use it, you need:

  • Server Side: Java J2RE/J2SDK 1.4, Tomcat 4
  • Client Side: Any Web browser. More recent, W3C web standards compliant browsers will deliver the best experience.

To see how our Subversion web client looks in a browser, check out the WebClient for SVN Screenshots.

Free Subversion Web Client Screenshots

This page has some screenshots that will give you an idea how WebClient for SVN renders various Subversion repository views in a late-model web browser. Click images or text links to view a larger image. These appear in pop-up windows - you may need to disable any popup blocker you may be running in order to view them. You can click anywhere in the popup windows to close them.