Open Source Subversion Training: SubTrain by Polarion®

Understanding that your colleagues have to learn how to use Subversion (and soon), you roll up your sleeves and put in another long coffee and pizza night preparing a bunch of slides that you hope will help get your teams up to speed with Subversion. Not that pizza or coffee are bad things – we just don't see why you should have to "reinvent the wheel", especially when training isn't your field of expertise.

Not only do we have a great deal of expertise building tools and solutions that leverage Subversion in innovative, ground-breaking ways, we also have a great deal of expertise in training, and we built a pretty nice set of materials for our expert Subversion Training Services. But our Professional Services team isn't big enough to deliver our training programs everywhere, so we thought, "Why not use the open source concept for our training materials!" — and SubTrain was born.

What do you get with SubTrain?

SubTrain gives you a predefined set of slides and side materials that you can use for SVN training classes. Currently there are two types of courses available:

  • Subversion Administration
  • Subversion User Training

Who can benefit from SubTrain?

  • Anybody who has to deliver Subversion training in his/her company.
  • Training professionals who don't want to reinvent the wheel, but instead reuse and adapt existing materials.

The SubTrain Vision: Fun and Free

Our vision is that training programs using SubTrain materials should be a unique and fun experience for all participants – students and trainer alike. Fun to use and fun to choose.

SubTrain is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License so you are free to use it and adapt it to your needs. For more information, see Using SubTrain.

You can contribute ideas, feedback, and additions to the SubTrain project to make it even more robust and useful for the Subversion community.

Expert Subversion Training

We have the expertise and the experience to help your organization migrate to Subversion safely and smoothly, and get your team up to speed with Subversion fast. While you download our free Subversion training course, be sure to read about expert Subversion services from Polarion Software.

Subversion: much more than Version Control!

You probably know Subversion as a state-of-the-art version control system — and indeed, it is that. But do you also know that Subversion's capabilities make it an ideal foundation for managing your entire application lifecycle and development processes? Polarion Software leverages Subversion to deliver fully integrated, web based, affordable solutions for Requirements ManagementQuality Assurance , and Application Lifecycle Management built around Subversion and other open source frameworks.

With Subversion as the underlying repository for all project artifacts, Polarion's tools deliver a wide range of fully integrated features and capabilities, using the latest Web 2.0 technology. We have products that deliver just the capabilities you need today, but which enable you to you move up seamlessly and painlessly all the way to enterprise levels tomorrow. Check out these links to learn more!

Subversion-based ALM Solutions by Polarion Software

  • Polarion ALM — fully integrated ALM solution for Subversion, with Requirements-to-Code management and traceability features, CMMI support, and more. Covers all major ALM aspects in one comprehensive ALM platform.
  • Polarion REQUIREMENTS — feature-rich, web based Requirements Management delivering total traceability to tasks, test cases etc., choice of 3 authoring environments (Word/Excel, Wiki, Web), automated workflow-driven approvals and processes, integrated Wiki collaboration, and more.
  • Polarion QA — Collaborative Test Management Solution. Start fast with QA-centric templates with integrated best practices including workflows, specification documents, test runs and more. Support for manual testing, including capture of external and offline testing results via Microsoft Excel Roundtrip™. Automatically import test results from TPTP, Selenium, or any other xUnit compatible testing tool.


Download SubTrain

Your company has decided to switch to Subversion. Migration was successful and you are ready to kick start your new projects in a brand new Subversion repository. Then you realize that not everybody has spent as much time with Subversion as you have. As a matter of fact you realize that you are almost the only one who is familiar with Subversion. You might be surprised at how often we encounter people in just this situation!