Modern Challenges Require a Modern Requirements Management Solution

Products are getting smarter and more connected. Smart innovations are emerging in every industry. Software for applications and embedded systems play a key role. Speed in creating and delivering these innovations is now essential to long-term business success.

To compete at this accelerated pace, you need to innovate fast and adapt to changes without sacrificing product quality.

Successful in its day, DOORS is now antiquated, lacking the agility to keep pace with modern development. You simply cannot expect it to meet today’s high demand when it was designed before the browser was invented, before the Internet was widely available, and before smart connected devices were envisioned. Instead, IBM is proposing migration to DOORS NG, which is based on a completely different technology, and still is not sufficiently capable to handle today’s complex projects involving electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

What better time to move up to cutting-edge technology that can make your team more efficient AND cut costs?

Polarion has proven to be a viable, affordable, and low-risk solution for organizations searching to increase agility, innovation, collaboration, efficiencies, and competitiveness –  especially in regulated industries, where electronic signatures, baseline comparisons, traceability, or data migration/linking are critical.

Polarion's Immediate Benefits and Value
  • “Easy-as-word”. Easily import Microsoft® Word and Excel® to Polarion’s exclusive LiveDoc™ web documents, and collaborate online, or offline via the unique Polarion Round-trip™. Built-in ReqIF enables lossless requirements exchange with customers and suppliers.

  • Collaboration in the cloud. 100% browser-based platform ensures 24/7 project access for distributed teams anywhere. Live dashboards, reports, and activity streams deliver key information and metrics in real time.

  • Traceability & versioning. Understand the “Who, What, When and Why” of all changes. Cross-project semantic linking and workflow controls ensure wide and deep traceability. Visually compare older document versions with newer. Browse, search and report any historical state of your project.

  • Reuse & variants. LiveBranch™ and Document reuse provide easy-yet-robust ways to manage commonalities in  product variants without copy/paste.

  • Support any workflow and methodology. Workflow-driven change management for all Work Items in the application development process. Supports Agile/Lean, Traditional, Hybrid, or custom environment: FDD, XP, Scrum, RUP, Kanban, etc.

  • Release predictability. Project and iteration schedules automatically update as projects progress. Delays and workloads are shown in real time.

  • Test management. Easily create test cases and map them back to requirements, plan both manual and automated test runs (including via 3rd-party test automation tools), and report the results to all stakeholders.

  • Compliance. Easily manage & prove compliance with a wide spectrum of industry standards: FDA, FAA, CMMI, ISO, IEC, CPI, SPICE, and many more. Take advantage of the certified project template for ISO 26262.

  • Integration & extensibility. Integrate out-of-the-box with popular tools and leverage open APIs for custom extensions.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market. Reduce Time to Value, and cut TCO associated with System Administration, Implementation, Training, Integrations, Annual Maintenance, as well as Hardware and Infrastructure management.

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Take advantage of the ability to:

  • Reduce your DOORS operating costs by 60% or more
  • Move to modern browser-based technology from Polarion Software
  • Improve your Requirements Management application with amazing advantages such as document-like editor, full traceability, simplified Web-based collaboration, support for any process or workflow and easy re-use
  • Maintain the integrity and traceability of your project/product data
  • Maintain strict security, reliability and confidence throughout the entire migration process
“Polarion was significantly more affordable than the competing solution (DOORS). And it was simple to purchase: one single
solution that covers everything. No costly integration of several different ‘products.’ In fact, very little in the way of training and
professional services were needed for the roll-out.”

Christian Posluschni
Küster Automotive


“Why work hard if you can work smart? With Polarion I can now monitor exactly what is happening at all times on the team. I can trace everything happening in the development shot. I can lock down parts of the development process like the migration of code from submitted to development and from development to production.”

Reggie Burgess
Global Defense Industries

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Interactive webinar that highlights why Polarion has proven to be a viable, low-risk alternative for organizations searching to increase agility, collaboration and innovation, especially in regulated industries.

Can a Proven Alternative to DOORS Make You More Agile

On-demand webinar: An Agile Alternative to DOORS

Implementing a good Requirements Management solution is critical to meet the challenges of today’s accelerated world. This webinar demonstrates live how Polarion Software can leverage your existing DOORS data and modernize your Requirements Management application.

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