Subversive - FAQ

Q: Where is the Subversive project hosted?

A: Subversive is now an Eclipse Technology Project hosted on the site at Polarion Software sponsors development of Subversive and you'll find most of the same information on this site.

Q: Why is Subversive information presented on the Polarion Software site?

A: We maintain a Subversive home page and other Subversive content on this site for the benefit of our software lifecycle solutions and Subversion training and consulting customers and others who visit this site. After you're done looking at Subversive information, we invite you to look around the site and see what Polarion has to offer.

Q: What's the latest Subversive news?

A: Please check out What's New & Noteworthy in Subversive.

Q: What's the plan for Subversive development?

A: You can read the plan on the Subversive project site on READ NOW »

Q: So what else can Polarion offer me as a Subversion user?
  • Polarion ALM — fully integrated ALM solution for Subversion, with Requirements-to-Code management and traceability features, CMMI support, and more. Covers all major ALM aspects in one comprehensive ALM platform.
  • Polarion REQUIREMENTS — feature-rich, web based Requirements Management delivering total traceability to tasks, test cases etc., choice of 3 authoring environments (Word/Excel, Wiki, Web), automated workflow-driven approvals and processes, integrated Wiki collaboration, and more.
  • Polarion QA — Collaborative Test Management Solution. Start fast with QA-centric templates with integrated best practices including workflows, specification documents, test runs and more. Support for manual testing, including capture of external and offline testing results via Microsoft Excel Roundtrip™. Automatically import test results from TPTP, Selenium, or any other xUnit compatible testing tool.

Q: Can I contribute to the Subversive project?

A: We cordially invite you to get involved with the project newsgroup at news:// This is crucial if we want to reach the eventual goal of inclusion of Subversive in the Eclipse IDE. Synergy of the Subversive team and the Community will lead the way towards defining the expectations of the potential user community, adjusting the project's goals accordingly, and eventually accomplishing those goals.

How to access the Subversive newsgroup...

Q: Does Polarion Software have any formal relationship with Eclipse?

A: Glad you asked! The definitive answer is... yes! We are an Eclipse Foundation member company, and the corporate sponsor of development of the Subversive project.