Subversive Team Provider Key Features

Subversive aims to provide the Subversion and Eclipse communities with a full featured Subversion client for Eclipse. Subversive concentrates on functionality and usability. Unique features include:

  • Interactive merge operation, similar to merge in the CVS plug-in for Eclipse
    Subversive shows the result of merge operations before the fact, and then offers the option to proceed or to cancel. In this case, merge looks like an ordinal sync operation. In other Subversion clients, the merge operation requires creation of temporary files, so it's not possible to see the result of a merge without actually performing the merge operation.
  • Eclipse refactoring operations for Subversion
    Subversive adds the power of refactoring to Subversion. It is unique in its ability to handle this frequently needed operation correctly. Users don't need to commit changes immediately after refactoring – they can make whatever number of sequential refactorings they need, and Subversive keeps track of everything.
  • Repository layout 
    Support of recommended repository layout, including trunk, branches and tags layout
  • Cross-project atomic commit
    Select a set of projects and commit their changes as one operation. If some projects are stored in the same repository, atomic commit must be performed.
  • Conflict resolution Any conflicts that can be resolved automatically are resolved that way. Other conflicts can be resolved manually without modifying the original file or creating any temporary files.
  • Correct cancellation of SVN operations
  • Recursive directory revision comparison
    With Subversive it is possible to compare two revisions of a directory and view changes (structural comparison and differences between files).
  • Add repository locations with same URL
    It is possible to define repository locations with same URL (but with different credentials for example)
  • Data validation in forms
    Subversive forms perform validation of entered data on the fly
  • Highly usable interface
    See screenshots