End-to-end, enterprise-grade application development on one unified, modular software platform.

We introduced the world’s first 100% browser-based ALM enterprise solution in 2005, built from the ground up to enable seamless collaboration across disparate teams, and pioneered the concept of multi-directionally linked work items  for full traceability, accelerated productivity, and automated proof of compliance.

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Polarion ALM 17.1 – What’s New and Noteworthy

Summer is rolling in and before the vacation season gets well underway, it’s time to announce the release of Polarion ALM version 17.1 – the first service release of the version 17 cycle –...

Polarion ALM 17 – What’s New And Noteworthy

Once again I’m pleased to announce availability of a new major version release: Polarion ALM 17. The first thing our veteran customers will probably notice is the version number. We...

Current Tech Trends: Attack of the Drones!

I recently purchased a set of Star Wars drones and it got me thinking about all the practical and impractical uses for IoT devices. Drone technology is constantly evolving as new innovation...

Introducing Application LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT

PLM for managing software is not PLM. It’s ALM, application lifecycle management.

Blame mechatronics. No, even before that: Blame the increase in software in today’s vehicles, whether firmware, application software, embedded systems, or mechatronics. “Software is quickly surpassing hardware’s dominance in product development, particularly within technologically complex products and industries, such as automotive, aerospace/defense, and medical device manufacturing,” according to Stefano Rizzo, senior vice president strategy and business development for Siemens PLM Software.