Preparation for IREB® CPRE-FL Certification

The core of this series of seminars is the 3-day preparation for IREB® CPRE-FL exam as an intensive seminar for the attainment of the sought after accreditation as Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level (CPRE-FL) by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB®). This seminar conveys internationally approved methods and experiences for the successful elicitation, documentation, validation, negotiation and administration of requirements. The seminar “Preparation for IREB® CPRE-FL Certification” follows the official curriculum of the IREB®.

IREB® was founded in 2006 and it provides the only accreditation model with curricula and exams for specialists in Requirements Engineering worldwide. The model offers three levels of certificates. The “Foundation Level” is mapped out comprehensively and is offered for accreditation. The board consists of eleven internationally renowned experts, each of whom has already published books on Requirements Engineering.


The seminar “Preparation for IREB® CPRE-FL Certification” follows the official curriculum of the IREB®:

  • Introduction and Foundations of Requirements Engineering
  • Definition of the system and the system context
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Checking and Reconciling Requirements
  • Requirements Management
  • Tool Support

Furthermore, techniques of Requirements Engineering and an understanding of the subject are conveyed, which are essential for Requirements Engineers and Requirements Managers according to IREB®.

The seminar elucidates the contents by means of continuous and anonymous easy-to-follow examples. Almost half of the seminar time consists of practical group exercises. After the seminar, the participants are given the option to take the IREB® exam for the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering accreditation.

The seminar materials are written in English. In addition to the presentation slides, further professional articles and a glossary are included. Each seminar participant receives a training folder with the seminar documents and a copy of the book “Requirements Engineering Fundamentals”

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