Verification, Validation and Planning

Polarion E-Learning and Web Based Trainings

Recommended for Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers

This training will give you a detailed overview on how to use Polarion REQUIREMENTS in your daily work as requirements engineer. You will learn how requirements can be tracked and managed with Polarion. You will become familiar with the different ways to author requirements by using the different front ends provided by Polarion. Practical exercises will teach you how to manage traceability in your projects with Polarion REQUIREMENTS. You will learn how to create professional requirements documents for sign-off as well as how to plan requirements to different milestones. Advanced concepts like reusing and branching documents will give you a solid understanding how Polarion can help to manage different variants of your product. You will be able to decide what reuse approach fits best to your current scenario.

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Price: 199,- € / 249,- US$ (including VAT)

Course language: English or German

Verification, Validation and Planning

Traceability is a key element to successfully manage requirements. Practical exercises will teach you how to manage traceability in your projects. You will experience how requirements can be approved and planned to releases.


  • Link requirements
  • Manage multiple Polarion Documents
  • Create and link test cases
  • Report on coverage and traceability
  • Approve requirements
  • Assign requirements to releases


Participants should be familiar with the Polarion UI , the Polarion Work Item concept and Polarion Queries

Recommended Training Modules:

  • Work Items and Documents
  • Traceability, Queries and Wiki
  • Manage Requirements and Specifications

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