Polarion Reseller Partners

Polarion Reseller Partners are certified to present, tailor, provision and bill Polarion software mapped to your specific needs and situation.


Polarion Reseller Partners may also provide complementary services including consulting, design, implementation, customization, management, support and training.

Annual certification and ongoing support for all our partners maintain the high-quality implementations Polarion is known for. Polarion’s Viability is underscored by the strong ecosystem we have built across the globe. Polarion Partners are available where customers need them. And they are experts in their field who extend our industry leading solutions with complementary technologies and services.

Our Reseller Partners around the globe for instance, are certified to leverage Polarion software in customer engagements, and can provision and bill licenses directly. Strategic partnerships can present promising strategies to add jet fuel to a growth strategy. And attack a market segment, getting access to broader marketing channels, a compelling strategic idea to dramatically increase market share, revenue or profitability in a way that neither company can achieve alone.

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