Polarion Service Partners

Service Partners deliver Polarion Professional Services, custom consulting, and domain expertise, often reinforced by Polarion customization and templates.


Service Partners are empowered to act as an extension of the Polarion Services Team with the same high level of quality delivered by which Polarion is known for.

Annual certification and ongoing support for all our partners maintain the high-quality implementations Polarion is known for. Access to our more than 2,500,000 users via a wide range of co-marketing opportunities helps you grow your business alongside an innovative and fast-growing market leader.

Strong relationships with our partners, combined with our commitment to help you fully leverage our solutions, ensures that you are an integral part of our joint success. Focus on constant advancement of our ALM solutions combined with the best level of service possible protects your investment in the partnership with Polarion.

Polarion specialists in requirements management, test management, test automation, business analysis and build management are available to provide you with the guidance essential to your success. Customer evaluations can be supported with free trials, live demos and video tutorials as well as proof of concept implementations for real projects, to help you ensure our solutions meet your customers’ needs.

Join us: Polarion Partner Program

With Polarion, you will be able to extend and enhance the functionality of your solutions by adding industry-leading 100% browser-based ALM technology to your portfolio.

Polarion Certified Service:

  • Service Partner staff includes at least one annually certified Polarion level 2 and one level 3 Consultant
  • Service Partner operates as prime contractor or sub-contractor, as required by the customer

Choose a Certified Service Partner:

CIP delta logo

CIP Delta
Centrum for Innovative Processes; Electrical engineering for machine tools, machinery and transport equipmen
Partner Speciality: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Automotive Spice

comconsult logo

IT Management and Enterprise Solutions provider in the German speaking regions
Partner Speciality: DevOps

Congruent compliance

Congruent Compliance
Consulting for business-centric regulatory compliance and Agile software testing
Partner Speciality: FDA Clearance, Agile Software Testing


Consulting for requirements engineering and project management for integrated applications
Partner Speciality: Requirements Engineering, Project Management


Consulting for leading innovators in the automotive,
mobile machinery and building technology industry
at every link in their process chains.
Partner Speciality: Functional Safety, Development
Processes (A-SPICE), Application Lifecycle Management
(ALM), Requirements Engineering


IT Designer
Consulting, training and engineering services for internet-, desktop- and embedded systems
Partner Speciality: IT Solutions, Hosting


ITK Engineering
Consulting in the medical, automotive and aerospace industries; Certified by ISO 9001 and 13485
Partner Speciality: Medical Device, Automotive and Aerospace Industry Processes


Consulting for compliant Medical Device development; Provider of MedPack and RiskPack Templates
Partner Speciality: Medical Device Development Templates


Quilmont Technologies
Consulting; Tool-agnostic framework for automated testing of applications
Partner Speciality: Automated Testing


Sampson Surgical
Consulting for compliant Medical Device development; Certified Medical Device Development Template
Partner Speciality: Medical Devices Industry Processes


Sterling Medical Devices
Consulting for compliant Medical Device development.
Partner Speciality: Medical Device Design and Development;  Tool - Validation


Willert Software
Consulting focused on embedded software engineering, Provider of „Embedded UML Studio“
Partner Speciality: Embedded Industry, RIF, ReqIF