Online Training

Real instructor interaction online (no canned recordings)
Hands on exercises in a shared environment

These Online training courses are designed to provide you with a solid foundation for how to use Polarion in your projects or development process.  You will learn with the help of a dedicated instructor using practical exercises on how to use Polarion software in your environment.

Our expert trainers can help your team be more efficient with Polarion and generally improve your development process with the best practices, tips and tricks, and in-depth know-how utilize Polarion's Requirements Management, Test Management or Application Lifecycle Management products in your development environment.

Work Items and Documents

This training module will introduce Polarion to you and builds the foundation to all other training modules. You will get a general overview on the Polarion product, its features and what benefits Polarion can bring to you and your project team. You will become familiar with the most important artifacts in Polarion: Polarion User Interface, Polarion Work Items and Polarion Documents.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Traceability, Queries and Wiki

In this training module you will learn more about work item links and how traceability can help you to manage your project and project data in a better way. Update work items and use Polarion's suspect mechanism to ensure that your colleagues are notified on potential impact or inconsistencies regarding their "own" work items. Learn how suspects can help you to answer the four basic questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Manage Requirements and Specifications

This training module explains how work items and documents can be used to elicit, review, approve and manage requirements.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Variants and Baselines

This training module will cover the different ways how requirements can be reused in Polarion. After the training you will know how requirements can be branched to manage different variants of your product. You will be able to decide what reuse approach fits best to your current scenario.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Verification, Validation and Planning

Traceability is a key element to successfully manage requirements. Practical exercises will teach you how to manage traceability in your projects. You will experience how requirements can be approved and planned to releases

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Change Management

This training module covers how Polarion can help you to analyse the impact of changes as well as how to implement and plan changes to an upcoming release.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Author Test Cases and Test Specifications

In this module you will learn how Polarion can help you to manage your QA activities. You will experience how test cases can be created, edited and reviewed using Polarion documents.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Coverage and Traceability

In this module you will learn how Polarion can help you to manage your QA activities. You will experience how test cases can be linked to requirements and how you can verify which requirements have already been covered by test cases and which not.

Price 199 € / 249 US$

Test Case Planning, Execution and Defect Tracking

In this module you will categorize test cases into different groups and you will learn how test cases can be organized into bigger test scenarios (test runs) based on custom criteria. You will focus on test case planning and test case execution. You will learn how test plans containing different test activities can be created, how activities can be assigned to testers and how testers can execute test cases and report defects in case of failure. You will be familiar with the different options to execute test cases in Polarion and you will know how to review the current status of you QA activities.

Price 199 € / 249 US$