Work Items and Documents

Polarion E-Learning and Web Based Trainings

Recommended for anybody using Polarion!

This training establishes a solid foundation for your everyday work with Polarion. It explains most often used artifacts and features like work items, documents, search and traceability to provide the knowledge and skills to stand your ground in using Polarion.

Polarion Fundamentals training is recommended for anybody working with Polarion products and builds the basis for all other trainings.

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Price: 199,- € / 249,- US$ (including VAT)

Course language: English or German

Work Items and Documents

This training module will introduce Polarion to you and builds the foundation to all other training modules. You will get a general overview on the product, its features and what benefits it can bring to you and your project team. You will become familiar with the most important artifacts in Polarion: Polarion User Interface, Polarion Work Items and Polarion Documents.

Polarion Documents are essential for people who will create, manage and maintain project documents like requirement specifications, meeting minutes and test specifications.

In this training module you will learn the main principles on how to create, edit and manage Polarion work items and documents.


  • Introduction
    • What is Polarion
    • The Polarion User Interface
  • Polarion Work Items
    • What is a work item?
    • Work item fields and their meaning
    • 4 different ways to create work items
    • Add comments and watch work items
  • Polarion Documents
    • What is a Polarion Document
    • Create and configure Polarion documents
    • Create and manage work items using Polarion documents
    • Document history
    • Document comments versus work item comments
    • Document Templates


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