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Fast, Safe Subversion Migration: Importer for SVN by Polarion®

If you have been putting off migrating to Subversion from another system because of the amount of work and the risk involved, put it off no longer. This set of Java based tools from the Polarion Community will help you quickly and safely migrate data to Subversion from CVS, PVCS, Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase, MKS, and StarTeam™

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Web-based Subversion: WebClient for SVN by Polarion®

Give your Subversion users the option of browsing your Subversion repositories and performing basic SVN operations like commits via the web. This is the same client we developed for use in our ALM solutions for Subversion.

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Subversion provider for Eclipse: Subversive

This client plugin delivers SVN integration for the Eclipse ecosystem. Originally developed on the Polarion Community, Subversive is now an Eclipse Technology project hosted on eclipse.org. We also have the latest version available for download on the Polarion Community site.

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Open Source Subversion Training: SubTrain by Polarion®

Another barrier to SVN adoption is training. Often there's a lack of sufficient Subversion knowledge and training expertise in-house, and expert help with SVN may not be in the budget when you need it. Enter SubTrain, the market's first open source Subversion training curriculum. This set of course materials includes predefined, easily customizable presentation slides plus supporting materials tailored to meet the Subversion training needs of teams migrating to Subversion.

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