Subversive – Subversion Team Provider for Eclipse

Subversive logoPolarion Software sponsors development of Subversive, the Eclipse technology project that aims to provide Subversion (SVN) integration for Eclipse. We have all the information and downloads you need to get started with Subversive – check the menu at left.

About Subversive Team Provider

The Subversive plug-in enables you to work with Subversion repositories from the Eclipse workbench in almost exactly the same way that has long been possible with CVS repositories via the CVS plug-in bundled in the standard Eclipse distribution. General features of the Subversive plug-in are quite similar to those of the CVS plug-in:

  • Browse remote repositories (in this case, Subversion repositories)
  • Add a project to the repository and check out projects from the repository
  • Synchronize a project to see incoming and outgoing changes
  • Commit, update and revert changes
  • See resource change history
  • Merge changes

Similarity to the CVS plug-in is Subversive's major guiding principle. The goal is to ensure that both plugins use similar concepts, semantics, and interface for similar things. At the same time, Subversive enables you to benefit from all of Subversion's features including those which differ from, or are not present in CVS.

Subversive and Eclipse

Subversive is now an official Eclipse technology project. The project home is at, and Subversive development and support are now hosted there. However, you can get Subversive information and downloads right here. Where we don't host something (e.g. the bug tracker) there are links to its location at If there's any info missing that you think really ought to be here, please let us know.

I am in charge of integrating Zend Studio for Eclipse with SVN. After evaluating several alternatives and talking to developers in the Eclipse community, we concluded that Subversive is the most suitable solution for us. I had several interactions with the Subversive team which was very responsive... After deploying the SVN integration within Zend Studio For Eclipse we received many great feedbacks from customers." Yaron Mazor ,Developer ,Zend Technologies Ltd.

Subversive Distribution

The Subversive distribution consists of two parts: the Subversive plug-in and Subversive SVN Connectors. Both parts are required. The Subversive plugin is integrated into the latest release of the Eclipse platform. Subversive SVN Connectors are external libraries with their own licenses, which you can download from this site.

Subversive SVN Connectors include Subversion client libraries, such as native JavaHL (Win32 only) and the pure Java™ SVNKit.

Integration with other projects

Subversive can work with, and extend functionality of other plugins, such as MylynBuckminster and ProjectSet. The integration module for Buckminster is distributed as part of that project. If you would like to integrate Subversive and Mylyn, just install the integration module included in the Subversive distribution. If you need ProjectSet integration, you should install the integration module from the integrations update site.

Licensing Information

The Subversive project and its source code are released under the Eclipse Public License v 1.0. External JavaHL and SVNKit libraries which is distributed as part of Subversive SVN Connectors in form of binaries and source code have own licenses. Please see JavaHL license and SVNKit license.


Subversion-based ALM Solutions by Polarion Software

  • Polarion ALM — fully integrated ALM solution for Subversion, with Requirements-to-Code management and traceability features, CMMI support, and more. Covers all major ALM aspects in one comprehensive ALM platform.
  • Polarion REQUIREMENTS — feature-rich, web based Requirements Management delivering total traceability to tasks, test cases etc., choice of 3 authoring environments (Word/Excel, Wiki, Web), automated workflow-driven approvals and processes, integrated Wiki collaboration, and more.
  • Polarion QA — Collaborative Test Management Solution. Start fast with QA-centric templates with integrated best practices including workflows, specification documents, test runs and more. Support for manual testing, including capture of external and offline testing results via Microsoft Excel Roundtrip™. Automatically import test results from TPTP, Selenium, or any other xUnit compatible testing tool.