Traceability, Queries and Wiki

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Recommended for anybody using Polarion!

This training establishes a solid foundation for your everyday work with Polarion. It explains most often used artifacts and features like work items, documents, search and traceability to provide the knowledge and skills to stand your ground in using Polarion.

Polarion Fundamentals training is recommended by Polarion for anybody working with Polarion products and builds the basis for all other trainings.

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Price: 199,- € / 249,- US$ (including VAT)

Course language: English or German

Traceability, Queries and Wiki

In this training module you will learn more about work item links and how traceability can help you to manage your project and project data in better way. Update work items and use Polarion's suspect mechanism to ensure that your colleagues will get notified on potential inconsistencies regarding their "own" work items. Learn how suspects can help you to answer the four basic questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.

During the training you will experience various ways to search for data within Polarion. Being familiar with the different search options will speed up your everyday work as information is just a mouse click away.

You will get an short introduction on how to build custom wiki pages to share search results across teams and to guide your colleagues via wiki pages through your process.


  • How to keep work items consistent using suspect mechanism
  • Understand the difference between traceability and impact
  • Different ways to search for project artifacts
  • Query builder and filter
  • Create own shortcuts and custom saved queries
  • Create and edit wiki pages
  • How to embed queries and work items in wiki pages
  • Example wiki pages: Traceability table, release notes and coverage information


Participants should be familiar with the Polarion UI , the Polarion Work Item concept and Polarion Documents

Recommended Training Modules:

  • Polarion Fundamentals - Work Items and Documents

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