Using SubTrain – Open Source Subversion Training Materials

This page describe the terms for using SubTrain (including license information) and provides some tips for using SubTrain to maximum advantage.

Are there any restrictions on SubTrain?

There are just 2 points that we would like you to respect:

  • SubTrain is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (US) License, and we appreciate your observance of the terms of the license.


  • Under the license, you are free to use and change the material as you like. However, please respect our work in creating the material by adding/keeping the SubTrain logo in your slides. Download Logo Zip File

How to Use the SubTrain Materials

  • Slides: The main part of the training material. Most of the slides have comments to give you hints how to use the slide and what should be explained

  • Exercises: For the students

  • Cheat sheets: A quick reference for students to use after their training

  • Games: Exercises to have more fun with the training

Guidelines for Creating & Modifying Slides

Please reuse existing images as often as possible to keep a common look and feel in the slides. If you lack some images you can create your own or use image from other sources (please respect copyrights). You can also create conceptional sketches which can be reworked by designers who participate in the SubTrain project.

Each presentation has a set of master slides which are reused throughout the presentation. If you create new slides please apply existing layouts.

For Exercise Slides:

  • TitleMaster = Title of presentation (e.g. Subversion User Training)
  • 1) Section Master = Title of section (Exercises)
  • 2) Exercise Overview = Overview on Exercise
  • 3) ExerciseSteps = Step by step description what will be done in exercise

For Training Slides:

  • TitleMaster = Title of presentation (e.g. Subversion User Training)
  • Section Master = Title of section (e.g. TeamWork)
  • 2) ContentMaster = Training Slides

Structure of the SubTrain Materials


trunk: current materials (latest and greatest)
trunk/Orga: process related documents like feedback-slides, etc. which might be used in all training courses
trunk/Icons: Icons and images used in the materials. (If you want to contribute new slides, etc., please check if you can reuse some of the icons to guarantee a common look and feel of the materials)
trunk/SVN_Admin_Training: Materials for Subversion Administrator Training
trunk/SVN_User_Training: Materials for Subversion User Training

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