Contribute to SubTrain – Open Source Subversion Training Course

We welcome your feedback and contributions to this unique open source project. There are several ways you can participate: via the project tracker, and via email. This page explains both ways.

Enter Feedback in the SubTrain Tracker

  1. Go to the SubTrain tracker (login: subtrainpassword: subtrain) and select Create Work Item in the Shortcuts pane.

  2. Select which type of item you want to create:

    • subtrain_feedback_wi Anything that could improve the materials. Be creative!
    • subtrain_defect_wi Any errors in the material (spelling, grammar, wrong icons, etc.)
  3. Fill in the following fields on the work item form:

    • Title: A short sentence or phrase that summarizes your feedback or contribution (Required)
    • Description: Fully describe your feedback or other ideas (Required)
    • Submitter: Your name/alias (Optional - if you want to be listed on new releases)
  4. If you want to attach any images, revised slides, etc. you may do so in the Attachments section of the form.

  5. Click on the Create button to submit your feedback.

How Feedback is Processed

All items in tracker are reviewed regularly. After reviewing them in terms of priority and effort they will be assigned to a timepoint and a project developer for an upcoming release. See what's going on in the project » (login: subtrain, subtrain)

Project Workflow


SubTrain is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License so you are free to use it and adapt it to your needs. For more information, see Using SubTrain.

You can contribute ideas, feedback, and additions to the SubTrain project to make it even more robust and useful for the Subversion community.

Providing Feedback by Email

Send an email with your feedback to We apologize that we may not be able to reply to every email, but rest assured that we will read it and consider your ideas.

Become a Contributor

If you have already sent some emails containing new slides or changes in existing slides, you can request to become a contributor to the SubTrain project. As contributor you can directly check in changes into the SubTrain repository.

To request contributor status, just send an email to: with following information:

  • Email subject: Request for SubTrain Contributor Status
  • Email content: Your Name, your email address, and your SkypeName, ICQ-Name, or other chat client ID.

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