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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Named and Concurrent?
  • Named User License: Assigned to specific user(s) identified by login name. Optimal for users who work regularly and frequently with Polarion.
  • Concurrent User License: Not assigned to specific user(s). Counts users working with/enabling Polarion at the same time. Optimal for users who use Polarion from time-to-time and share the license with other team members.
Can Licenses be mixed and added?

Yes. Licenses for any Polarion configuration and license type may be mixed, and additional licenses may be added at any time. Note: PRO and REVIEWER licenses are only available as add-on licenses.

What is Polarion Support & Maintenance? When does it start?

For On-Premise Perpetual Licenses you buy a lifetime license. Annual Support & Maintenance is 20% of the license cost, added to the price, required for the first year. Subsequent years are optional. Polarion Support & Maintenance will commence from date of payment confirmation.

Is there a low-cost solution for reviewing, commenting, and approving?

YesPolarion  REVIEWER is a low cost license that includes the ability to comment on all work items in document view or table view, approve work items, and verify approvals with digital signatures (minimum of 10 Reviewer Licenses required).

Do you offer Training and Professional Services?

Yes. Please visit the Our Services and Consulting page to learn about the expert Professional Services and Training we offer.

If we purchase a SaaS license initially, can we switch to a Perpetual license later?

Subscriptions may not be traded-in under any circumstances.

Do you offer discounts for government organizations?
  • Named User License: While we do not offer discounts to government organizations directly, government discounts are available through Polarion Reseller Partners per the various government contracts (e.g. GSA).
  • For help in locating an authorized Polarion Reseller to receive government discounts, please email us.
Do you offer free license for Academic or Open Source Projects?

Yes We all benefit from our educators, students, and the open source movement, and Polarion Software believes in giving back:

  • Education License: For colleges, universities, and other recognized educational institutions. For use in educational instruction, assignments, or non-commercial research projects. May not be shared with or utilized by any person who is not an instructor, student, or employee of the colleges, universities, or recognized educational institutions. For information or assistance, please email us.
  • Open Source License For qualified open source software projects as determined solely by Polarion Software. May not be shared with or utilized by any person who is not a member of the licensed open source project. For information or assistance, please email us.
How is the software distributed?

Polarion has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model. Polarion software is available only via HTTP download.


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