Get Started and Hands-on with Polarion


Immediate Benefits and Value

  • Unlock synergies across all collaborators (students/colleagues) with 100% browser-based access to a single data source – to collaborate in groups for student or research projects

  • Requirements Management: Achieve the awareness of the importance of regulatory compliance through end-to-end traceability and automated audit for practice-related projects such as in medical or automotive department

  • Planning & Resource Management: Adopt modern agile techniques and learn how to manage planning, prioritization and release predictability

  • Test & Quality Management: Build test scenarios for required specifications and test created source code

  • Change & Configuration Management: Create an awareness of how easy it could be to implement a change

  • Issue & Risk Management: Point out the importance of a digital and a full end-to-end-traceability in risk management especially in a regulated environment

  • Reuse & Branch Management: Explain the differences and the benefits between “copy and paste” and professional reuse and branch management especially for cross-projects

  • Agile / Hybrid Project Management: Show the possibility to work with different development methods at the same time

  • Variant Management: Start with this complex topic based on an easy use case in an always available template