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The Holistic Approach to Application Lifecycle Management


Many enterprises and manufacturers continue to use a mix of traditional waterfall, agile and hybrid/custom development practices. ALM solutions therefore need to be process-agnostic and designed for multi-speed project environments.

  • Ovum Decision Matrix (ALM 2016-2017)

When Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is holistic - it is an easy, distributed, multichannel and dynamic collaboration environment. Where different disciplines meet in order to create and manage innovation in application development.

If your business is involved in software development, take this opportunity to learn from Stefano Rizzo of Siemens PLM Software and Michael Azoff of Ovum as they detail how Siemens can help your business adopt to software development today.

Topics they will cover in this complimentary, live webinar: 

  • The modern landscape and future of software development
  • A detailed discussion about the Ovum Decision Matrix
  • How a unified solution can assure traceability, visibility and collaboration
  • How a holistic approach to ALM and Siemens PLM Software is the choice for you

Our integrated, holistic ALM solution is the best way to benefit from the promise of ALM - which includes real-time end-to-end traceability, project visibility, and team collaboration.




Stefano Rizzo, Siemens PLM Software




Michael Azoff, Ovum


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