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Testing Software Hazards in Embedded Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is both diverse and complex, from aerospace to food and beverage. With the quickening pace of emerging technologies, such as the use of connected devices, an entirely new set of hazards and physical safety risks have arisen.

Identifying and mitigating these risks can be a challenge at the best of times. Especially in hyper-connected environments involving automation and software driven production. The application is a ‘risk based testing’ approach combined with a ‘Test Management’ platform is critical.

Polarion® QA™ is a Quality Assurance and testing platform used in advanced manufacturing environments to manage all testing related activities using automated workflows and relationship linking between key artifacts in your production lifecycle.

3 Keys to QA and Testing Success:

  • Traceability The ability to establish comprehensive multi-directional traceability from requirements to test cases, and ultimately, source code is a signature function of Polarion QA.
  • Interoperability With Polarion QA it’s easy to leverage our 100+ QA-centric integrations. Users can easily expand functionality via the Polarion Extension Portal with a growing list of integrations, add-ons and connectors.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Polarion QA is the most comprehensive test management platform for supporting compliance requirements and policies. Users leverage compliance based templates to jumpstart regulatory-related projects while maintaining process consistency.

Discover how collaboration and traceability can make your development teams more effective and bring better products to market on time.

A complimentary, on-demand webinar for you and your colleagues. Find out how a unified test management solution can be utilized for any type of testing methodology, tool or team.


Regg Struyk


Regg Struyk, Siemens PLM Software


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