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Software as the Differentiator for Medical Devices


From cars to mobile phones and medical wearables, software can be a key differentiator to let your product stand out from the competition. Further, software can add value and enhance your customer’s experience. However, all of this must be balanced by adherence to stringent and changing requirements - as well as growing regulatory complexities.

Siemens PLM Software can bridge the gap between fast-paced development and issues with proof of software compliance. Join our complimentary, live webinar to find out some of the many solutions we offer.

Solution Highlights:

  • Self-auditing Risk Management and Compliance
  • Quick-start with Automated Industry Processes
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Self-auditing Validation and Verification (V&V)

Innovation and compliance don’t have to be mutually exclusive in your software development for your medical device. Medical device design control can be a part of your business’ best practices and Siemens can show you the way.



Larry Sampson, Siemens PLM Software


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