On-demand Webinar:

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment According to ISO 26262

Who should watch this webinar?

Risk Managers, Project Managers, Compliance Managers, Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers, Quality Assurance, Testers and Senior Developers.

Why watch?

Learn more about how Polarion products can help you with Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment according to ISO 26262 Part 3, how you can eliminate relying on spreadsheets and how Hazard Analysis can be integrated with your product development, including a guided tour with live demonstration of Polarion Portal:

  • Discussion of ISO 26262 concepts
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis according ISO 26262 Part 3 - Concept Phase
  • ISO 26262 - Part 3 and Polarion
  • Using Web Collaboration to make Hazard Analysis open and visible
  • Integrate Hazard Analysis with Requirements, Development, and Testing Artifacts
  • Questions & Answers

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