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Embedded Automotive Development - it takes an Ecosystem



Since first utilized in the late 1970’s, the digitization of the automobile has exploded. Cars have become ‘computers on wheels,’ with advanced sensor technology, smart mechatronic systems, multi-function infotainment, driver-configurable instrumentation, and continual connections to the Internet, other vehicles, and roadway infrastructures. 
Soon we will  likely be downloading an array of apps to our cars to make them highly personalized according to our individual driver preferences and personal transportation requirements - including driverless capabilities.

But as cars have become increasingly software dependent, meeting schedules and containing costs across distributed product development and verification teams is proving to be vexingly difficult. Challenges include managing traceability and accountability, reducing software and systems development errors, orchestrating complex testing & verification activities, managing complex innovation cycles while demonstrating adherence to essential standards such as ISO 26262. Synergistic integration of solutions into powerful and mature lifecycle ecosystems is essential to meeting the technology development challenges and business objectives of OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, ECU makers, and other participants who are collectively transforming automotive transportation.

Please join us in a very interactive panelist discussion with thought leaders from key solution providers. 

Topics that will be discussed include: 

  • Why do cars today require so much more software? Will this trend continue?
  • Challenges within the development & testing of Embedded Systems in automobiles.
  • How is development of systems for automotive different (or the same) as other, more traditional forms of software development?
  • "What considerations with regard to adherence to relevant standards influence testing strategies for embedded systems in vehicles?"
  • What’s the best way to maintain a linkage between the development of the systems, the testing, the automotive design and the ongoing changes between these groups?
  • Why is Collaboration important across aspects and among all stakeholders in the Development Life Cycle
  • Metamorphoses of auto-industry ecosystems from OEM supply-chains to digital delivery systems in your car
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with connected vehicles
  • Next trends and what they'll mean to embedded systems development and testing, and beyond


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