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Cyber security for the connected car

While connectivity and data are the currency of our age, capitalizing on them in the automotive sector comes with significant risk. Internal and external vehicle networks are more pervasive than ever before, broadening the attack surface of connected cars and placing an additional burden of safety and security on automakers and Tier 1s.

In this live online event, learn how isolation techniques and security measures from the embedded industry can be leveraged to protect modern vehicles from unwanted code or malicious attack. Best practices are explained, technology examples provided, and questions answered by silicon, software, and networking experts invested in the integrity of the connected car.


Mike BorseMike Borse, Polarion Software Product Manager
In a technology career spanning 30+ years, Mike Borse has enjoyed experiences in seemingly every imaginable role --from programmer to development manager, from project management to IT governance, from security and risk management to audit and compliance, from software business development to product management, among various other experiences, working with many talented engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives from throughout the world, in numerous entities engaged in widely diverse industries, markets, and business sectors. What he has enjoyed most, since the first days of his tech career, are the endless opportunities for continuous learning, and the personal fulfillment derived from working with talented individuals solving complex problems innovating solutions from the sublimely simple to the fantastic.


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