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Balancing Software Requirements & Test Needs

Software test needs and software requirements are often perceived as a balance of yin and yang, where software requirements are thought to be the “yin” to software testing’s “yang”. While traditional software engineering often separates the software requirements and testing processes, best-in-class development mandates integration of testing with requirements. This webinar, sponsored by Vector Software and Polarion, provides practical information about how to integrate software requirement definitions and testing activities, and covers:

  • The importance of good requirements definition
  • How software quality is impacted when testing ties to requirements
  • Why tracing requirements to test is even more critical to modern software engineering processes
  • How automation makes requirements definition and traceability to tests easier than ever before

By tradition, software coding is central to software development; it’s the compiled code which provides hoped-for functionality. But modern software development is accelerating away from tradition in two areas: increased software complexity coupled with a shorter time-to-market. Hoped-for “functionality” increasingly requires a more rigorous software requirements process. Verifying that functionality falls upon integrated testing, and recognizing the tight relationship between requirements and code.

As humans improved their building tools to readily construct modern buildings, software tools have similarly progressed to promote increased complexity and faster schedules. This webinar demonstrates how complex software functionality can be safely, and quickly, managed with automated “continual test” occurring in parallel.


Vance Hilderman, Director Of Global Services, Vector Software
Jiri Walek, VP Product Management, Polarion


Curt Schwaderer, OpenSystems Media

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