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Avoid Threats in Modern Manufacturing through Testing


The key drivers of modern manufacturing provide the foundation for the fast evolving Internet of Things. Technology improvements make embedded sensors more cost efficient and reliable. Additionally, an increase in wireless broadband technologies enable ubiquitous internet connectivity – leading to the high adoption of remote devices. Combined with cloud based data processing the end result is an increasing need for IoT management.

Unfortunately, this development is accompanied by serious security hazards, mainly due to software design flaws and vulnerabilities. The threat of software failure and security exploits is already responsible for a vast amount of product recalls. Standards and regulations will aim to control data privacy while safety and security face coming challenges. In this context, how can manufacturing companies ensure compliance?

In this complimentary webinar, a Polarion expert will demonstrate how to avoid such threats and meet compliance without sacrificing quality or fast and agile innovation. He will explain the importance of forensic real-time traceability when striving for compliant software development and how to prevent defects through static code analysis. Moreover, he will show the 4 key capabilities of a modern Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), which enable a comprehensive test management in order to avoid costly risks and product recalls.



Jaikumar Daniel is part of the Siemens PLM Software Professional Services Team. He supports customers to gain broad knowledge about the tool and to implement ALM software. Prior to joining Siemens PLM Software Daniel has worked in Startups and Multi National Companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions. Daniel holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore, India and also holds a MBA from HTW Berlin, Germany.


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