On-demand Webinar:

5 Easy Steps to Accelerate and Improve Your QA and Testing Processes

Technology is rapidly advancing and impacting almost every aspect of your test practices; agile testing, requirements-based testing, testing as a service and crowdsource testing.

In this webinar join Andy Holton, a Systems Engineer with Polarion Software for a 45-minute complimentary webinar that will go through a 5-step process that will improve your current QA testing processes, reduce costs and help you complete your projects faster.

This webinar will address today’s real time issues and constraints to help you develop better software.


  • Create and manage test cases, defects, enhancement requests and test specifications quickly and easily - with Polarion LiveDocs
  • Define and execute test runs with the Polarion Testing Framework
  • Save time and money by reusing all testing artifacts
  • Work more efficiently by completely integrating test cases from MS Office into your processes
  • Seamlessly integrate requirements management, test and defect management
  • Manage all your external testing activities from Polarion


Speaker: Andy Holton has been with Polarion Software since 2011 and manages our customer implementation for all of Polarion’s Software products. Andy has helped over hundreds of customers implement Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools that have improved their organizational processes.

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