Achieve Software Development Agility in Complex, Regulated Environments


Real World 101 Business Best Practices



Innovation has become an exercise of using software advancements in embedded systems to stay ahead in modern development environments. While opening up great new opportunities, constant updating of software and integration into mechatronics also presents unprecedented challenges to development and operations teams. As different software and hardware components have to be seamlessly fused to ensure functional safety and compliance, previously siloed teams all of a sudden have to closely coordinate their development efforts in a dynamic ecosystem spanning the globe.

This paper discusses best practices of adopting Agile and Hybrid methodologies in complex engineering environments, and the benefits of collaborating in a unified, 100% browser-based online environment where a powerful rules engine can automate processes at the granular work item level, while multi-directional traceability minimizes the risk of project failure, increases efficiencies, and automates the proof of regulatory compliance.

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