On-demand Webinar:

Make Working with Automotive SPICE Requirements Easier


Featured Speaker Maria Eugenia Zuniga, Vehicle Software Quality Engineer for Quantum Technologies. Maria will share her expertise in working with Automotive SPICE / SPICE HIS and Functional Safety Standard 26262. As a Software Architect in three vehicle electronic product lines she is a strong analytical and creative problem solver.


Featured Speaker: Stefan Schuck, Professional Services Team Member, in his consultant capacity Stefan supports our customers in finding solutions to their problems. Stefan’s expertise at quickly identify and analyzing customer’s requirements and their nuances have served him well in working within many enterprise organizations across many sectors including automotive, medical, communications and defence.

Please join us for this complimentary 45-minute webinar on demand and learn about achieving compliance with diverse standards and regulations including Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, CMMI. Discover how to develop innovate new products and solutions faster to combat the ever increasing complexities with embedded software and mechatronics development.

Agenda Topics:

  • How to manage the requirements according to SPICE standards
  • Using V-model development in a mechatronics project and understanding the SPICE requirements
  • Preparing mandatory documents and work products according to SPICE regulations
  • Presentation of an example project template from a mechatronics project
  • Interactive Q&A session

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