On-demand Webinar:

Test Strategies for Managing User Scenarios and System Outcomes

Software testing can be challenging at the best of times, but introducing real-time delivery networks make the task even more daunting.

Business needs change, requirements evolve, and agile development priorities are fluid, but the impact of these changes on testing is difficult to forecast, analyze, and manage. Caught in the middle, testers and test teams must handle change with limited resources and ever-decreasing schedules.

Having the right software tools and strategy will help streamline the process while making sure all your requirements are verified by the proper tests.

Attend this web seminar to discover how easy it is to manage user scenarios and possible system outcomes. You will learn:

  • When and why big data should be incorporated into your testing strategy
  • How automation improves overall code quality
  • The key elements required when considering a test management solution
  • How to protect your software integrity




Jean-François Thibeault, System Engineer


Regg Struyk, Product Evangelist


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