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Streamline Quality Assurance for Complex Systems

Software testing can be challenging at the best of times, however introducing regulatory requirements makes the task even more daunting.

For example, to achieve compliance it is essential to trace all verification artifacts... test cases, test results, objectives, validation of changes, etc. This is no simple task and involves a lot of documentation.

Having the right software tools will help manage the process while making sure all your requirements are verified by the proper tests.

In this session you will learn how Polarion QA can easily manage all verification activities while providing complete traceability of your projects.

  • Learn how a truly integrated Test Management solution will benefit your Agile development teams
  • Understand why an integrated solution is important and learn about real live best practice recommendations
  • Find out about key elements required when considering a Test Management solution
  • See how Polarion QA can help you protect your software integrity

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