On-demand Webinar:

Software Delivery in an Embedded World

Continuous Delivery can transform large organizations into lean and Agile focused environments



David Rosen, Ecosystems Manager at Electric Cloud. Business Development, Strategic and Tactical Partnerships, 12+ years of experience in defining, implementing, shipping and selling enterprise software. Large-scale and high-performance enterprise developer productivity tools and private cloud domain knowledge.


Facilitated by Regg Struyk, Product Manager, Polarion Software. Regg has over twenty years of commercial software development and testing experience. Dedicated to the domain of test management, Regg is continually analyzing testing trends and their potential impact on the discipline of software testing.

Why Continuous Delivery?

  • Increase software reliability while decreasing risk
  • Adapt to changes such as customer feedback, market shifts, business goals
  • Create fluidity and convergence of development, IT, Testing and Support

What you will learn during this interactive session:

  • What is Continuous Testing
  • Best practices for Continuous Delivery
  • Common issues with Continuous Delivery
  • Integrating complex environments for Continuous Delivery

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