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Slow Down Risks and Accelerate Application Software Development to Formula 1 Speed

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Maria Eugenia Zuniga, Vehicle Software Quality Engineer for Quantum Technologies. Maria has 10+ years of experience as a Software Architect and her strong analytical and creative problem skills have enabled her engineering teams to focus on their development tasks while automated processes help prove compliance without adding administrative burden.


Stefan Schuck, Systems Engineer, Polarion. Stefan focuses on helping Polarion’s automotive customers find solutions for their business needs and opportunities. Stefan’s expertise of quickly identifying and analyzing the nuances of customer requirements has helped development organizations of all sizes unlock synergies and achieve better results faster in highly regulated environments.

Only half way through 2014, U.S. automakers already have set a new record none of them want to be a part of: 39.85 million vehicles recalled, more than ever before in a calendar year.

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are working hard on solutions to get to the source of defects as fast as possible. But, there is a huge opportunity to shift gears and prevent issues in the first place, while at the same time keeping the foot on the accelerator in today’s fast-paced automotive environment. In this webinar, you will learn about industry best practices and how to use Polarion efficiently to address both scenarios

Maria Eugenia Zuniga from Quantum Technologies will share how her team has been able to accelerate software development using Polarion, while containing risk and defect ratios by detecting issues early in the process. She will also share how defects that slip through can be traced directly back to the source to fix them at record speed.


  • Effective management of requirements compliant with standards such as ISO 26272, Automotive SPICE
  • Uncoupling of tasks to speed up development in a unified online environment
  • Acceleration of testing and risk assessment to catch defects before they occur
  • Full linking of all artifacts for comprehensive traceability to discover defects at record speed
  • Interactive Q&A session

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