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Save Time and Efforts With a Holistic Approach to Integration Testing

Join us for this free 60-minutes webinar and learn how to significantly reduce time and efforts when planning and carrying out your integration tests (SW-SW/SW-HW).

Integration testing means to verify a combination of components that have been developed and tested individually. Time and efforts estimations for the integration tests are therefore strongly influenced by factors whose origins lie in quite different phases of the software lifecycle.

Learn how the EUROS Embedded Systems, specialized in the development of Real-Time Operating Systems and Cross-Development Environments including debugging tools, has managed to meet the increasing requirements for functional safety and security in embedded systems during the certification of its Real-Time Operating System EUROS by using an innovative approach of integration testing.

Benefit from the presented holistic approach that also considers cross connections and dependencies within the product’s software lifecycle – from Requirements over Test Cases to Integration Tests and back.

Reduce significantly time and efforts for conducting your own integration tests while increasing the product quality.

Featured Speaker

Christian Kersten is Quality Manager for functional safety and security critical software products at EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH, Germany. Based upon his sound knowledge of international standards, respective tools and state-of-the-art practices his activities are focused  on keeping and improving the company's quality standards with regard to the latest challenges in the fields of functional safety and security of embedded systems. Christian Kersten holds a diploma in mathematics.


stefan_schuck niroshan_rajadurai

Stefan Schuck, System Engineer with the Polarion Professional Services Team and Niroshan Rajadurai, Experienced Safety Critial & High Reliability Systems Engineer with Vector Software.

Agenda Goals:

  • Refresh and improve your knowledge of integration testing
  • Learn more about the cross-connections and dependencies between integration testing and activities of other software lifecycle phases
  • Make use of those insights to improve quality and to reduce your own testing time and efforts
  • Learn how to combine software lifecycle tools in order to use your development resources more efficiently and in the same time to accelerate your product certification

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