On-demand Webinar:

Modern Medical Device Design and Risk Management

Medical Device design and risk management doesn’t have to be complicated. Polarion Software, a unified collaboration tool, allows you to simplify your team’s work and organize your data and processes. Whether implementation, testing, risk management or compliance were issues in the past - Polarion has been successfully deployed to speed delivery to market for our medical device customers.

This brief, educational webinar will provide an overview of the major areas of concern during the development phase of your product. You will learn about requirements capture through design and test management - to delivery with integrated approvals along the way.

Some of the many advantages of modern Medical Device development we will discuss during the webinar include:

  • Design Traceability
  • V&V in Medical Device Development
  • Risk Management
  • Extended Risk Management FMEA

Register for this complimentary webinar to hear practical processes to increase your ROI and reduce unnecessary risk. You will also hear real world examples of how these tools and processes have helped others in the past.

Laurence Sampson, Polarion Software Director of Strategic Markets (Life Sciences), will be speaking with John Fargo of Sterling Medical Devices, to give you a complete picture of modern Medical Device development for you and your company.


Polarion is a mature system for requirements, risk management, traceability, and project workflows in regulated environments. Find out how we can make a real difference for you and your company.

Sterling Medical Devices has almost 20 years of experience working with medical device companies and providing solutions when they need to scale up quickly to bring medical device software, hardware and mobile medical device apps to market by successfully navigating the FDA and CE approval processes. Sterling adopted Polarion to meet the needs of their clients and simplify workflows for their engineers. Sterling Medical Devices is a Polarion Service Partner, able to deliver training and implementation services.

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