On-demand Webinar:

MATLAB Integration with Polarion

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Link model objects to Polarion® Work Items™ (requirements, test cases, design items)
  • Navigate to and highlight objects in a model that is linked to Work Items
  • Generate traceability reports that summarize requirements, test, design, and model traceability coverage


Who should watch this webinar?

Anyone involved in product development using MATLAB who is interested in learning how to integrate with Polarion.

The Polarion MATLAB Simulink Connector allows you to link design specifications and requirements in Polarion directly to their implementation in MATLAB Simulink. From within the Simulink Connector, you can add, link, or browse linked requirements. In addition, you can use supported Polarion VCM repositories (Subversion, Git) to source control of MATLAB code and Simulink models – and have traceability between code and model changes and Polarion Work Items.

Traceability analysis is required for compliance with general software development standards (e.g. CMMI, SPICE) and specific industry standards such as: Automotive ISO 26262 and IEC 61508; Aerospace DO-178C; Railway EN 50128; and Medical IEC 62304.

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