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Managing the Risk of Meeting Embedded Software Certification Objectives

Developing safety critical software is difficult enough, but often developers are now challenged with the task of developing software that complies to industry standards such as:

  • DO-178B/C for avionics;
  • ISO 26262 for automotive;
  • IEC 62304 for medical;
  • EN 50128 for railway, and
  • IEC 61508 for industrial control (the parent of many of these standards)

This is good news for the end users of the software, but what does it mean for the development team, and how can they manage the burden of achieving these standards?

Many of the safety standards specify a number of ‘objectives’ or ‘requirements’ that need to be met. We will discuss these objectives and look at various ways in which they can be implemented and documented as well as highlighting the processes, procedures, risks and tools used to achieve safety-critical software certification.

Using practical examples, we remove the mystery and confusion surrounding development, verification, configuration management, quality assurance and risk management. We pay special attention to requirements traceability, coding standards adherence, independence criteria, testing and structural coverage analysis. Finally, we discuss how these can assist in the next generation of certification.


Shan Bhattacharya, Business Development Manager, LDRA 
Jiri Walek, Vice President Product Management, Polarion


Curt Schwaderer, OpenSystems Media

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