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Lessons from Google and Amazon - How Big Data Can Improve Your Testing Process

The age of big data is upon us: Our online lives are tracked, traced, and catalogued, all in the name of serving us better. Amazon knows what books I might find interesting, Facebook shows me updates from my good friends first, and Google assists by prioritizing my inbox and web browser results.

Similarly, when we build software, we trace, track, and store information about the product. Requirements, test cases, defects, source code, and unit tests are just some of the artifacts that need to be managed.

Join this web seminar to learn how data management approaches used by Amazon, Facebook, and Google can be applied to software development in order to improve the quality of your product and speed up the development process.

You will learn how:

  • Tracking user behavior can improve your test process
  • The concept of linking suggestions based on behavior can work in software testing
  • Peer social reviews can enhance your product
  • Software testers can improve the reporting, quality, and usability of the finished product using emerging processes for handling big data



Jean-François Thibeault
Jean-François Thibeault, System Engineer Polarion

Regg Struyk
Regg Struyk, 
Product Evangelist Polarion

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