On-demand Webinar:

Improve Your Development of Products and Software with an ALM and PLM Integration


The convergence of PLM and ALM - something we call “product and application lifecycle management” represents the future generation of management control for Systems Engineering. Learn more about how your organization can achieve a unified solution to manage the development of products and software.

Meet Polarion’s Senior Vice President Strategy & Business Development, Stefano Rizzo as he guides you through a live presentation highlighting:

  • An introduction to PLM and ALM
  • How to build a business case for integration
  • How to create a unified solution between your product and software
  • Avoiding silos and bridging the gap between ALM and PLM

Agenda Topics:

  • Software development in the context of products: ALM - PLM integration challenges
  • Trace artifacts through cross-domain relationships
  • Configure data and variants across disciplines
  • Identify the cross-impact of changes
  • Orchestrate processes
  • Implement consistent versioning

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