On-demand Webinar:

Improve Software Verification and Validation in Regulated Environments

Who should watch this recording?

Requirements Managers und Engineers, Business Analysts, QA-Professionals, Heads of Testing & QA, Project Managers and Team Leaders

Why watch?

In todays’ world software development cycles are more and more shortened while quality of the final product should be increased and costs be reduced to a minimum.

In this webinar speakers from Vector Software and Polarion Software will show you how you can achieve these business goals in your software development environment - with trackable results:

  • Capture and manage requirements quickly and easily. Leverage your existing MS Office documents in your future workflow
  • Connect the dots between requirements, test cases, test steps and test automation - with forensic level traceability and comprehensive impact analysis
  • Get comprehensive reports of all information in your software lifecycle
  • Automate the process of testing source code with stubs, drivers and test data and get code coverage information along the way
  • Execute test cases for real-time applications in an embedded-target or simulator environment without changing your code
  • Connect requirements and VectorCAST test results with real-time traceability

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