On-demand Webinar:

Implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) with Polarion


The common implementation of agile methods in small development teams proves that agility evolved to a key success factor for software departments across a broad range of industries. However, if numerous teams are geographically dispersed, it becomes difficult to adopt both the values, and the practices that make each team member responsible for implementing and adhering to agile standards. Hence, spreading the agile culture across large organizations is a much different challenge and requires a strategic and more complex approach.

The most widely used and successful methodology to scale Agile on enterprise level is the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe®. It enables large organizations to adopt and scale agile principles in order to synchronize alignment, collaboration and delivery.

In this complimentary webinar, we will explain how Agile can be scaled efficiently in a structured manner for managing complex software and systems development with SAFe®. You will learn how Polarion ALM’s capabilities make you benefit directly by shortening time-to-market and raising productivity and product quality while improving engagement within a large number of involved practitioners and teams.


  • Basics of SAFe® and its architecture
  • Core Values and lean-agile principles of SAFe®
  • Demo of Polarion ALM’s SAFe® template


jaikumar_daniel.pngJaikumar Daniel is part of the Siemens PLM Software Professional Services Team. He supports customers to gain broad knowledge about the tool and to implement ALM software. Prior to joining Siemens PLM Software Daniel has worked in Startups and Multi National Companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions. Daniel holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore, India and also holds a MBA from HTW Berlin, Germany.


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