On-demand Webinar:

How to Assure Standards Compliance and Manage Risk

Medical device development and management doesn‘t have to be complicated.

Polarion Software is a modern, 100% browser-based tool that will enable you to simplify and organize your data and processes.

During this complimentary webinar you will find out how you can reduce costs and remain compliant by going digital while developing your Medical Device products.

Find out how a simple to install, digital solution from Polarion can:

  • increase your ROI through development and process efficiencies
  • access templates that will get your team up and running
  • increase collaboration across your various teams avoid unnecessary clinical trials keep you compliant with ISO standards (e.g. ISO 60601, ISO 62304, ASTM 4169, etc...)

You will hear real world examples of how companies like yours have used Polarion to solve these issues.

Featured Speakers:

Laurence Sampson

Laurence Sampson, is an accomplished technical manager with over 20 years of medical device experience including high volume process and product development projects. Laurence is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Swan Valley Medical, and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, and a M.B.A. from the University of Denver.



Jim Ferranti, has been with Polarion since 2013 bringing with him over 20 years experience in supporting and selling in the software industry. Jim conducts customer training spanning all Polarion products as well as supports our customers implement the best solution to their problems. Before Polarion, Jim worked in engineering roles for companies such as MKS, Platinum, Pansophic Systems, Borland Int‘l. and Computer Associates.

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