On-demand Webinar:

How Integrated Test Management Accelerates Continuous Delivery (DevOps)



Guest Speaker: Diego Lo Giudice
VP, Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery, Forrester Research, Inc.

Diego focuses on Application Development & Delivery Professionals, and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices, covering Agile development, Agile and Lean transformations, Agile sourcing strategies and services, Agile testing practices and tools, DevOps, and software testing and quality.


 Regg Struyk, Product Management, Polarion Software

Regg has over twenty years of commercial software development and testing experience, and has worked on several software testing tools, including MKS Source Integrity , test integrity, iTest, and Polarion QA. Dedicated to the domain of test management, Regg is continually analyzing testing trends and their potential impact on the discipline of software testing.


Peter Baker, Software Engineer, Vector Software
Peter has 20 years of software development experience and was responsible for the integration of Polarion QA with the VectorCAST embedded software testing suite. He primarily works with C and C++ programming languages but has worked with a wide range of technologies at previous companies including NCC Group, Digital Vision and Unisys. Peter's expertise with third-party tool integrations has been instrumental in helping Vector Software deliver the best solutions to meet customers' rigorous testing requirements.


Software is everywhere. It represents great opportunities for all industries to differentiate and accelerate time to market for new products and services, from banking to automotive. But it also brings with it new challenges and risks. Because business changes at the velocity of light, it demands unprecedented speed of delivery! But speed cannot come at the expense of quality. So how do you adjust your delivery practices to unlock synergies and still succeed?

Agenda Topics:

  • Test Automation and Test Management Best Practices
  • 5 Must Dos for Testing: Accelerating Velocity while maintaining Quality
  • New Testing Trends across industries
  • Agile Trends for modern application delivery
  • Why Agility is key in any industry, included highly regulated sectors
  • Why and how Requirements, Testing and Deployment must integrate to keep up
  • How Polarion can help you accelerate Continuous Delivery, flexibly, and remain compliant
  • How VectorCAST and Polarion integration optimizes the software development lifecycle

Who Should Watch:

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • System Analysts
  • Requirements Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Software Development Managers
  • Software Engineers

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