On-demand Webinar:

Future-proof Your Requirements Management


In this webinar, Jiri Walek will give you insight on how you can effectively and intuitively gather, author, approve and manage requirements across the entire project lifecycle.

Software requirements management faces multiple challenges today. Releases are more frequent, increased customization demands and more complex projects happen in parallel to the need for better build quality.

Polarion connects teams and projects to improve application development with a single, unified solution for software requirements, coding, testing and release.

3 core pillars of Polarion software requirements management:

  • Collaboration - shared assets in a secured environment, with granular permission controls and workflow automation
  • Traceability - ensure completeness of the information during every step of the development process
  • Reuse - reuse, branch and merge data for effective project or product line development

Who should attend this webinar:

  • Engineers - involved with product development design, quality, risk, and resource scheduling.
  • Managers - seeking to improve efficiencies, collaboration, and reduce costs without upsetting legacy methods, processes, or development cycles.



Jiri Walek, Head of Product Management Polarion ALM


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