On-demand Webinar:

Everything You Need to Know for Discovering a unified ALM solution

Featured Speaker: Jim Ferranti
Having over 20 years in supporting and selling in the software industry, Jim joined Polarion in February of 2013 as a Software/Sales Engineer. Since that time he has been involved in Pre-sales and Post-sales activities providing the necessary support to Polarion customers to be successful.

Polarion ALM is a unified Application Lifecycle Management solution that delivers project transparency, helping development teams respond faster and with better quality to business opportunities and customer demands.

Join us for this complimentary 45-minute webinar and learn how to remove the manual and time consuming tasks and deliver a more productive and predictable product development cycle by using the right technology tools.

Agenda Topics:

  • Improving your efficiencies with full traceability
  • Reducing your costs by accelerating adoption
  • Working in distributed teams but on common data
  • Collaborating and exchanging information in an agile way
  • Supporting all methodologies; Agile, Waterfall
  • Interactive Q&A

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